ARY Jewellers Gold Bangles Design 2022 with Price

ARY Jewellers Gold Bangles Design 2022 with Price (2)

ARY Jewellers Gold Bangles Design 2022 with Price (3)


ARY owns Pakistan’s Largest Jewellery showroom with gold varieties of 18, 21 and 22 karat, ARY Jewellers mesmerizing jewelry designs are second to none throughout the nation.

ARY Jewellers is the matchless royal ensemble of Jewellery and gold, which is the first choice of perfection, elegance and quality conscious people like us these days when gold rate is touching the sky.

At ARY Jewellers, they have created concepts and memories that transformed into lovely traditions and emotional statements. ARY Jewellers’ expertise in Jewellery and gold has changed the meaning of beauty and style.

ARY Jewellers have the purest form of gold on earth. They pledge to further strengthen the unshakeable trust of their valued customers, and they are highly proud to be Pakistan’s top jewelry brand. Now, ARY Jewellers is here again to offer its trusted customers with latest gold excellence presenting latest ARY Jewellers gold bangles designs 2022.

Wearing bangles has been practiced since ancient times. Bangles, especially gold bangles, enhance the beauty and grace of woman. A traditional bangle is a must in your kitty, always ready to be paired with your ethnic wear. The word ‘bangle’ originated from the Hindi word Bangali or Bangri and it means an ornament that looks great on the arm.

The bronze figurine of a dancing girl, with one wrist adorned with bangles, excavated at Mohan jo daro Pakistan exemplifies the huge importance and timeless association of the bangle with Indian culture. Even in ancient texts one can find references to various royals and goddesses from many other religions wearing bangles.

Wearing bangles is a huge trend these days; not just with ethnic but contemporary wear too. In many cultures, wearing bangles is compulsory for married women. It forms an important part of the bride’s jewelry. It is therefore, ARY Jewellers has created wonderful new gold bangles designs for women to choose from.


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ARY Jewellers Gold Earrings With Price

Depending on the tradition, some communities choose to wear gold bangles, glass bangles etc. For example, Indian women always wear a pair of white and red bangles to show their married status, while in Punjab women wear ivory bangles for a defined period. And in Pakistan, women wear bangles as a fashion statement, an emotional jewelry item or as a marriage status representative.

Apart from gold and glass bangles, bangles that are made from stone, copper, shell, bronze, terracotta, lac, silver etc are also popular among women these days.

However, there is nothing like the charm of an ARY Jewellers gold bangle Design. It’s soft glow and subtle sophistication makes a stunning ornament. Gold had always attracted women as the metal of choice for jewellery.

Besides, the obvious benefit of financial security that comes with investing in gold, gold is also said to energize the body and protect it from negative energy. A plethora of gold bangles in various shapes and myriad designs are available at jewellery stores.

Gold bangles by ARY Jewellers also make for the perfect wedding gift. Since bangles have been associated with married women, they make for an ideal gift.

Simple textured bangles are ideal for daily use. They adorn the wrist as well as match any outfit you wish to wear. However, for festive or special occasions, you can go for bangles studded with precious diamonds or various gems such as emerald, ruby etc. Such types of bangles are offered by ARY Jewellers in numerous patterns and designs. You can even try embellished gold bangles that can be matched with your sarees.


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ARY Jewellers Gold Sets 2022

Gold symbolizes being royal and gold bangles by ARY Jewellers exquisitely define beauty. Invest in a beautiful set of gold bangles now and enjoy its radiance for years.

Their jewelry design is quite fascinating. You’re going to find that you will be able to see a lot of great artisanal solutions. The basics of this type of accessory have changed.

While there are some basics out there, the amount of ingenuity and change has definitely become a major focal point for many stores and shops. Take for instance something as simple as a bracelet, and see how it can transform into something special when it’s designed with gold, diamonds, and other precious gems. If you’re in the market for a gold bangle, for instance, you’ll find that there are some amazing styles presented by ARY Jewellers in gold bangles.

Plain Gold Bangles Design

Before you purchase anything, consider how simple a plain gold bangle can look. Made out of gold, a standard in jewelry design, this can definitely have the same appeal that the standard necklace may have. And ARY Jewellers can offer you lovely simple designs in gold bangles.

Worn on the wrist, it can definitely offset any fashion style you may focus on. No matter what you have in your closet, this is going to help you accentuate the positives, and get focus onto your entire ensemble, not just one area. Plain options here can cost a lot less than jeweled solutions, but overall, they are worth investigating as a whole.

Diamond Bangles Design

The next solution you may want to focus on featured diamonds. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, right? Well, bangles that utilize these precious gems accent gold, silver, platinum, and more with relative ease. The gems that are found within this style can be arranged in any number of ways, and can be small to large depending on the overall band.

Therefore ARY Jewellers designs them beautifully to create wonderful new designs in this artistic field. Diamonds do cause the cost of the bracelet to rise, but it is definitely a good solution to consider.

The Price of Gold Bangles by ARY Jewellers

When you’re shopping for jewelry, you will no doubt want to consider the price. Bangles are not as expensive as some other options. Bangles traditionally are a little less than you would find rings and specialty designs overall. The reason why is because the distribution of the gems and the core materials aren’t heavy at all.

As you put this on your wrist, you’ll no doubt see a beautiful arrangement, especially when you wear it to a formal event, or even a casual dinner. There’s something nice about a well-designed bangle, whether you have gems or you have it plain overall.

Investigate the many designs and you will no doubt find a beautiful thing to add to your collection, and the price for these gold bangles by ARY Jewellers varies according to the gold rate today. But the approximated value is almost one lac.

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How to Match Bangles with your Personality

Never out of trend, bangles give any outfit an extra flare of personal style, and here are a few tips to match them to your fair skin tone.

1) Bangles for Fair Skins

The right accessory turns an outfit into a work of self expression, making you feel confident and alluring. And while matching the right bangle to your outfit may seem like too much common sense to even mention, remember you’re not wearing it to make your clothes shine, but to make yourself and your natural beauty show through, and that will require some thought as to how you can take advantage of your skin tone.

2) Making it Just the Right Choice

Remember not all light skins are alike in tone and glow, and will generally fall within three skin types: the very light mate, the slightly blushed rosy, and the absolute milky. Although they all very much fall within the lighter spectrum, their different color declination will dictate which materials and colors will make then shine and which will dull them.

Here, it’s useful to think of complimentary color charts and remember to avoid directly opposite spectrum colors, as they’ll most definitely clash – where rose-hued skins should for example, stay away from bold greens, and mate skins should avoid cool violets. It’s far safer to know yourself and choose tone variations of your skin type to draw attention to its natural beauty.

3) Better to Think of Your Hair Color

Your skin feels like a pristine canvas, which has the downside of leaving you with little ideas to choose your accessories. Take a look at your hair – you can’t really go wrong if the base materials for your bangles go well with your tone.

For example, wooden bangles in dark, rich hues will look interesting and strong on brunettes, while silvers will give blondes an ethereal air. Fashion jewelry with gold, copper or warm toned wood bases like cherry, shesham wood or even banana bark will look glorious on redheads, as they bring attention to their enviable tresses.

But apart from that, ARY Jewellers is very unique in creating different sorts of cuts and patterns in bangle designs that suit your personality in every way.
So in spite of all good sense, you’ve fallen in love with a particular piece that isn’t in complete accordance with your skin type – and you know that even if you make a more sensible choice, you’ll never quite look at it without wishing you could have bought the “other one”.

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ARY Jewellers Price List 2022

So you can always contact the ARY Jewellers and consult with their experts for further advice or exchange. When you know a certain piece would truly express your taste and make you feel happier, you shouldn’t deny yourself that pleasure.

Fashion can be forgiving if the mistakes are few and far in between, and if you steer clear from the things that don’t just skip over your assets, but manage to draw attention to otherwise minor flaws.

If your alabaster skin is translucent over bluish veins, avoid overly bold patterns and oranges; while mate skins are lovely, especially in the summer, avoid making them look yellowish or drab by pairing them with glossy yellows, oranges or gold tones and pink hued skins will look positively flustered if the bangle managed to be the exact same rosy tone.

So, if you want to buy amazing jewelry article especially gold bangles, then your first choice should be the ARY Jewellers where you get to have all the loveliness and beauty enclosed in a single piece that truly reflects the happy emotions and memories of your life. You can checkout their latest designs from ARY Jewellers e-store.

Have a look at this lovely assortment of ARY Jewellers latest gold bangles designs 2022 in the pictures displayed below.


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