Best 3 Piece Mens Suits Tips You will Read this Year

Best 3 Piece Mens Suits Tips You will Read this Year (2)

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Mens Suits Online in Pakistan

Mens Suits and the best tips for you create wonders out of them are presented here in this article! Knowing what exactly you need to look in the 3 Piece Mens Suit for wedding, when choosing one, will make your choice easier and it will look just perfect!

Being too tall, short or too bulky doesn’t mean that all suits would look awkward on you. That only happens when you do not really know what exactly you need to look for when looking for 3 Piece Mens Suits. Here are some tips and advices, some Do’s and some Don’ts you should pay an attention to, when seeking your next 3 Piece Mens Suit. With our advice you will look much smarter and more sophisticated than in any suit you bought before.

If you are quite a tall guy, then there is a definite NO to pinstriped men suits. Choose checks or windowpanes as displayed by the Pakistani heart throb Imran Abbas. If you are a fan of vertical stripes and don’t want to change it, then try to look for the men suits with wider stripes.

Never ever wear your jacket unbuttoned. That will not look good on you. Sometimes it is much better to take it off completely, rather than leave it unbuttoned. That visually makes your body look even longer than it actually is.


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Pay attention to jacket lapels. Look for a wider ones, although make sure that lapels are not too wide, to avoid your shoulders look very broad. It is strongly recommended to wear cuffed suit pants. Also the cuffs should be at least one inch and a half.

When there is a completely opposite situation to tall men. No horizontal lines on a jacket. Opt for vertical, like a pinstriped suit pattern. Go for a lightweight fabric. Otherwise, heavy fabric would look like it is pressing you to the ground. So try to avoid flannels and tweeds.

To look a bit thinner and taller, you are advised to go for darker color men suits. Light colors suit tall men better, to visually make them shorter. Single-breasted suit jackets is a green light for you, avoid double-breasted jackets. No cuffed pants. Or at least try to make those cuffs as narrow as possible. If you are considering yourself heavy or bulky, then you most certainly know how difficult it is to find 3 Piece Mens Suits that fit really well.


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Mens Suits and The Best Tips to make the most out of them

Here are some tips for that…

When it comes to the suit pants, you should always remember to wear them at your waistline or a bit higher than that. Never wear pants lower than your actual waistline, as that makes your legs look shorter.

Men 3 Piece Suit fabric should be light and the pattern should be either plain or with vertical lines. Horizontal lines would make you look wider. So you should better stay away from them. Go for dark colored single-breasted 3 Piece Mens Suit. Say a massive NO to double-breasted jackets. That will never compliment the bulky figure.

Hopefully, knowing all those small but helpful tips, choosing your next 3 Piece Mens Suits will be much easier. And the suit you choose will compliment all the good parts of your body and hide the ones you would like to stay in a shadow. Good luck to you!

A 3 Piece Mens Suit in Pakistan is generally worn with the intention of making a statement about oneself, create a certain image or simply as an expression of respect. In the corporate world a business suit can convey the individual’s place within the organization’s hierarchy, establish power and position and express one’s proficiency and mastery in his profession.

A 3 Piece Mens Suit is usually the garment of choice to show respect in special circumstances whether at a wedding, funeral, graduation or other life cycle event. Following are some tips on deciding which 3 Piece Mens Suit to wear.

Firstly, consider the purpose of your 3 Piece Mens Suits. Are you a business executive that wears a suit several times a week? If so, examine your current suit inventory. Discount those that you seldom wear and establish the colors, designs and styles that you are lacking.


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Remember that dark suits exude power and authority that are amplified by a pin stripe. These are great suits for presentations, differentiating oneself in the boardroom and demonstrating that you are the authority and leader within the group.

Next time you are at a meeting, try wearing a dark blue, black or charcoal suit with a pin stripe, place yourself prominently at the head of the table, stand with authority when you speak and monitor the attitude of your colleagues towards you.

Need a business suit that says you are one of the guys? Consider a mid grey 3 Piece Mens Suit as first choice followed by taupe and green shades. Beiges are great in the spring and summer months. Consider patterns with soft stripes, checks and various fabric textures. In all circumstances be sure to buy a suit that will fit into to your environment and not single you out as a tasteless dresser.

Need 3 Piece Mens Suits for wedding? If you are part of the wedding party you should make your choice based on the guidelines provided by the groom. Otherwise choose a nice dressy dark suit for an evening affair. An afternoon gala calls for a mid range color and in summer even nice beige is appropriate. If the wedding suit will be your only suit follow the advice we provided above and get yourself a good all purpose 3 Piece Mens Suit.

Choosing the right fabric for 3 Piece Mens Suits is important. Despite all the advances in textile design and engineering the fabric of choice for a fine suit is still good quality wool. This natural fiber is robust, drapes well, bounces back into shape after repeated use, breathes well and looks good.


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Fine woolens are manufactured in various finishes and weights. Other fabrics that are commonly used for suits are microfibre, polyester and wool blends, silk and silk blends and linen. Microfibre fabrics are generally a great choice for a more casual men’s suit and wear nicely. Silk and wool blends are usually lighter weight fabrics and generally fit into the specialty suit and elegant suit categories.

3 Piece Mens Suits made of wool and polyester blends are usually stiffer, do not breath as well and should be less expensive. Linen suits are intended for a casual look, are wonderful in the heat and wrinkle when you look at them.

Have a look at these lovely portraits of Imran Abbas the best Pakistani Actor in stylish 3 Piece Mens Suits which are exclusively classic for any formal occasion and will bring the best out of you and your handsome posture.

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